Top 10 Car Safety Tips

As more and more cars have crowded the Indian car industry, the number of car accidents has increased on roads.

With increasing number of car accidents, it has become vital to follow safety measures and safe driving tips. Everyone behind the wheels whether he is a young man, a teenager or an adult needs to learn safe driving techniques so that the incidences of accident as well as the number of fatalities caused due to auto collision is reduced.

Here is a list of the top 10 accident prevention or car safety tips that will help you reach your destination

   1. Drive slowly with a steady speed. Always use the turn signals and don’t ever follow the cars cutting diagonally.

   2. Use safety belts in your car. Make sure that you and your children are safely buckled with the safety belts. In some new cars, you’ll also find various buckles to tie at different body parts like lap belts, shoulder belts and the usual safety belts.

   3. Ensure that safety airbags are installed in the car. Remember that front airbags are mainly to prevent the driver and front seat passenger from collision hazards. Passenger side airbags are designed with the concept of preventing the adults with common human height that fall between 5.4 inch and 6.00 inch. If the children or people with shorter heights are seated there, the airbags will fail to protect them. If the passenger side airbags are organized to fit a suitable position, only then these airbags can benefit them.

   4. Use of mobile phones while driving is strictly ‘No’ according to traffic rules. If in case there is an emergency call, it is recommended to stop the car at the sides and then complete your chat. There are many reasons why driving with a mobile cradled to your ears is dangerous. The primary reason is that it reduces your concentration and perception. Your attention gets diverted and you are likely to lose stability and steering control. When you look down to dial a number of pick up a call, you lose the power to see what’s ahead of you.

   5. Avoid eating your breakfast while driving to office. This hampers your level of concentration because you are in a mood of eating something delicious. This also impairs your reaction to road alerts.

   6. Always look forward while driving your car. This will help to improve your alertness and responsiveness to lane changing cars, changing traffic, unsafe road condition, poor weather conditions as well as expected car collisions.

   7. Drive with both your hand on the steering wheels. Don’t show off while driving. No body on the road is bothered whether you drive with one hand or two and even if people look to that, you should look to your safety. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel helps you to respond quickly to emergency stops and expected car crash.

   8. If you have the innovative safety features outfitted in your car, don’t wait to use them. The tyre pressure monitoring system will help you check the correct tyre inflation. Engine oil indicator will give sign of a faulty engine. Similarly, there are various such innovations that will help to indicate you of any particular car faults. Verify the indications and do the necessary repair or else the car create problems when you are on your way.

   9. Always stay calm when behind the wheels. Road rage is the biggest culprit of the traffic as well as the road injury. Some time when fury goes beyond the limit, it also results in road fatality. So, stay cool even if you know that the other driver has crossed you from a wrong diagonal.

  10. Always remember one thing on road: ‘Nothing is important at the cost of your life’.

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