Automotive Floor Liners, EZ Car Covers, Cargo Liners

When you get a new or used car, you will soon need to get some floor covers to cover the floor area or carpet area of your vehicle. It is important to do this because you do not want dirt, dust, mud and grime on the possibly carpeted car floor. You may also spill your beverages or snacks when inside the car. When you have put in floor liners, they act as a cover for the actual car floor and catch all these things. When you need to clean the floor liner, you can just pull it out and wash it with water from a garden hose, let it dry, and then you can put it back again.

Floor liners are designed with precise measurements of each car model in mind. They cover the vehicle’s carpet area completely. The floor liners may have channels with moulded design in them that lets spilled liquids and debris to slide down somewhere out of the way. Thus your dress and shoes are protected. When the time comes, you can pull out the floor liner and remove the junk and place it back again.

The Automotive floor liners are made from durable and flexible material like TPO (thermopolyolefin). They do their job of protecting the car interiors even under adverse weather conditions. You need to choose the floor liner that is made for your make and model of vehicle.

EZ Car covers are the outside covers for your parked car. They help protect against scratches, moisture, dust, dirt, and bird droppings that may otherwise accumulate on your car exteriors. They come in compact storage cases and occupy very little storage space in the trunk or cargo area of your car, when not in use.

These EZ Car covers are made from high-grade polyester and so they are functional as well as durable. The surface of the EZ Car cover has been treated with water-resistant and UV-resistant protective coating. EZ Car covers snug-fit your car and are made to be wind-resistant.

When the EZ Car cover needs cleaning, you can pipe your water flow from a garden hose onto the covered car directly. Then you can let it air-dry or wipe off with a towel. You can also choose to hand-wash the EZ Car cover using a mild soap solution. When ordering the EZ Car cover, you need to choose the car cover that is made for your make and model of vehicle.

Cargo Liners are the protective covers that protect the trunk or cargo area of a vehicle. They are available in black, grey and tan colors. They too are durable and made from TPO material. They are made to custom-fit specific make and models of vehicles.

These cargo liners can be used in SUV’s, and mini vans too. They can be cleaned easily using a standard garden hose. They protect against dirt, grease and spills damaging the trunk area of the vehicle. Their designs allow them to be anti-slip, so you will find that when you place shopping bags on the cargo liner, the bags do not slide here and there during the motion of the vehicle.

These car floor mats/liners, car covers and cargo liners protect the car interiors and exteriors. So when you sell or trade-in your car, you can get a higher monetary value because the car has been maintained in an impeccable perfect condition. These necessary auto accessories have become very affordable these days. They can be ordered through the Internet at great prices.


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