How to keep your car interior clean?

A recent survey shows that Americans spend an average of 450 hours in their cars per year, that’s almost 19 days at a stretch! No wonder people spend so much of time and money to ensure the time that they spend in their cars is comfortable in all respects; be it the air conditioning, the music system, seat covers, or just simply keeping the car clean.

It’s almost like a second home. And it feels good to drive a car that’s clean on the inside as well as outside. More emphasis is generally given to the exterior looks of a car than the interior. With regular use, one often neglects the cleanliness of the car from the inside. Often we find ourselves driving to the office on Monday morning with all the debris of the weekend picnic that we enjoyed with our family.

Here are 10 simple steps that can help you keep your car clean on the inside in just a few minutes.

Remove the floor mats from the car. Shake the mats to remove any debris that has collected on them.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all seat cushions, look for dust that collects in the crevices where cushions meet. Be sure to vacuum the bottom and back of the seats. Check beneath seats for coins and trash before vacuuming.

Vacuum the floor of the car, including the area beneath the seats, using the hose attachment.

Vacuum the floor mats and give them a final shake to remove any remaining debris before putting them back in place.

Use a damp towel to apply a small amount of carpet shampoo on any fabric seat cushions or carpets that are stained. Gently work the carpet shampoo into a light lather.

Wipe away the shampoo with a damp sponge and allow to air dry. Never use carpet shampoo on leather.

Clean all the windows using a window cleaner and newspaper or paper towels.

Vacuum or wipe debris from the dashboard and doors.

Spray a small amount of car-interior or vinyl protectant on a towel or rag. With the moistened rag, gently wipe the dashboard, door handles and all vinyl parts.

Leave the doors open for some time and allow to air dry.

In minutes your car’s interior will be sparkling clean!

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