Some Features that Used Cars Can Do Without

Buying a used car is cheap. But due to the premise that buying used cars means more savings, most used car buyers are given the excuse to spend a lot more on added features and accessories which are not only expensive but also unnecessary at times. The natural temptation of “new car features” for used cars may seem appealing, but it won’t do much good to your pockets once it gets broken.

If you want to upgrade your used car, check out the following features. Maybe you and your used car can do away without them.

Carputer: It is a general purpose computing platform which basically enables your car to support a number of features. To name a few, the Carputer or CarPC allows your vehicle to play videos, provide location tracking through GPS, enjoy internet connection through an eligible cell phone or wireless connections, and even synchronize files between your desktop and the Carputer. Of course, the benefits of the Carputer come with a hefty price. If you prefer to work and enjoy the perks while driving, better start saving.

High-definition Audio System: For music lovers, a car audio system is an important accessory for personal enjoyment while driving. With cassette players outdated, most car owners prefer audio systems compatible with USB playback support or an I-pod auxiliary port. Good car speakers also give definition to any audio system, and car owners/music buffs can even mount two speakers at the rear and two in the front. But high definition audio support is more of a luxury rather than a necessity. If listening to good music without all the bass and treble is enough for you, then stick to your current audio system.

Body Kits: Aftermarket ground effects parts are called body kits, and they are designed to enclose the gap between the bottom of the fuselage and the ground. Vehicles which include ground effects in its original design allow airflow manipulation in such a way to create a down force on the car, reducing the lift and thus increasing control. However, aftermarket body kits only simulate the appearance of a vehicle in ground effect and usually do not provide significant aerodynamic benefit.

Custom-hinged Doors: Unlike conventional doors hinged at the front-facing edge of the door, custom-hinged doors have fixed hinges located in unique locations. For example, scissor doors have a fixed hinge near the end of the windshield so the door open upwards rather than outward and are useful in tight parking spaces. Aftermarket conversions are becoming popular among car owners who own less exotic automobiles. Though custom-hinged doors are stylish and somewhat useful, the manufacture cost of the door hinge is more than that of a conventional door.

Hubcaps: Also known as the wheel cover or wheel trim, the hubcap is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at least its central portion. It often bears the trademark or symbol of the maker of the automobile, but more car owners prefer to have them custom-made. Custom-made hubcaps are generally expensive, and most of them have the tendency of falling off due to hitting bumps on a bad road. Though retention systems have been developed, this problem persists until today.

Rather than spending money on features and accessories you can do without, why not spend money on parts that can improve your vehicle’s performance or increase its safety? Keep your used car running for a long time by investing on useful parts wisely and save yourself from spending too much money.


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