Fog lights for better visibility

Safety is an important aspect in all the modern cars of today. It is one attribute on which the cars are sold and reputation established. All cars these days are equipped with a lot of safety features, like seat belts, air bags, child-lock doors and windows, etc. Until recently fog lights were not included in the safety equipments. Today most cars come with company fitted fog lights which are now a standard feature.

Driving in foggy conditions can be trick and dangerous too. At times during extreme poor visibility even fog lights may not help. But there could be situation where the visibility may not be good, but if you can see the road immediately ahead with the help of a fog light, then you could drive cautiously till the visibility improves of better still, you reach your destination. Poor visibility can get you stranded almost anywhere. You may be just a couple of kilometers away from home, but the extreme conditions could make moving even an inch difficult.

Fog lights help in such situations. The beam of the fog light is able to penetrate through the mist and the fog, which a normal headlight beam cannot. Fog lamps usually have a yellow of a light purple colored beam. The third, red colored is not used in fog lights simply because they could be confused for a tail lights. The fog lights are mounted low on the car body and the beam is aimed to illuminate the ground immediately ahead.

Since the throw of the fog lamp is not as much as the headlight, one has to drive slowly and cautiously under treacherous conditions. But since you have to drive just a short distance to get out of the foggy conditions or reach you destination, the speed really doesn’t matter. Reaching your destination safely is important than trying to reach quickly.

Apart from the safety aspect of the fog lights, they also enhance the looks of your car. So if you want to make your car have the off-road sporty look, fog lights will help you get that look. You can buys fog lights online along with other auto accessories, please visit our website for details.