Bumper Time for Car Covers and Car Seat Covers

Coverking car covers and car seat covers are specially made protective coverings, created for your vehicle according to its model, make and year of manufacture. Manufactured strictly according to specifications available from the automakers.

Coverking car covers are made from specially ordered fabrics directly indented from reputed mills, known for their quality products and so are quite durable and pleasing to the eye. Coverking custom car and seat covers are increasingly used by vehicle owners to replace factory installed covers that have either been ruined beyond repair or needs to be covered up on account of distasteful staining.

Coverking’s car covers and seat covers protect your vehicle from most elemental hazards that includes intense summer heat and accompanying ultra violet radiation that damages the superb finish of the vehicle and fades the beauty of interiors. Coverking’s seat covers and car covers are preferred by people who like to have a personalized look in their vehicle interior.

Coverking’s car covers and seat covers also shield the vehicle from acidic bird droppings and tree saps that are difficult to remove. Designed and cut through state-of-the-art technology and CAD/CAM designed process of manufacturing, Coverking’s car covers and seat covers are made from a wide range of materials, starting from velour to expensive original lambskin.

Most Coverking’s seat covers and car covers are made of ‘breathable’ type of material that allows tiny droplets of water and heat trapped under the cover during precipitation to come into contact with the outside air and get vaporized, thus leaving the car free of moisture and rust.

Coverking’s this unique quality stands out among other brand of car covers usually available in the market. Others charge extra for supplying arm, rests and head rests etc, The Coverking’s delivery package contains all, including detailed instructions for installation.

Quality Certified of TS16949 and QS-9000, the company has been specially permitted to use the prestigious GM logo on all car covers and seat covers for all General Motors vehicles.


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