Truck Tool Boxes: Organize To Save Time And Money

Does your job require you to make your car a work vehicle? Today, many occupations from sales to construction require people to carry around work supplies in their vehicles. Workers can spend a lot of time searching their vehicle for simple work items from an important document to a screwdriver. Whatever your occupation, odds are your work stuff often ends up in your car. Luckily, there are many easy solutions to organizing work items in your truck or vehicle. For sales or office workers, clear plastic boxes keep important papers handy for easy reference when traveling to meet with customers or conducting business presentations. For construction or repair workers, truck tool boxes make finding specific tools easier.

The first thing to consider in organizing your work vehicle is to take an inventory of what you actually use on a day to day basis. If you are carrying around papers, files or tools in your vehicle that you don’t use daily, consider storing them in your home or office until you need them. Try to clean your car’s interior once a week. You don’t have to do an intense detail job; just a quick vacuum will do wonders and give your car a clean appearance. At times, you may have to drive around business associates unexpectedly, don’t get caught making excuses for a messy vehicle. If you can’t vacuum before picking up a client, a good shake of the floor mats is a quick fix.

Does your work vehicle double as the family bus? Keep all the kids games, toys, books, etc. in a clear box or shopping tote. Store the kids stuff under a seat or in the trunk during business hours. Also, if you have older kids, create car rules. One basic rule that’s easy to follow is whatever you bring into the car you must take out of the car.

Another way to keep your work vehicle organized is to clear out the food clutter. Let’s face it; many of us eat while driving to different work locations. Throughout the day, empty food and drink containers can accumulate on floorboards or passenger seats. Make it a rule to clear out your work vehicle of food containers on a daily basis. Consider putting some clean wipes in your vehicle to cleanup spills or food stains quickly. Also, how does your car smell? Does your car smell like leftover food, your beloved dog, or have a musty odor? Keep a bottle of air freshener if your glove box for a quick fix to obnoxious odors. No one wants to be stuck in a car that smells like last week’s Chinese takeout.

Do you work in the repair or construction industry? Do you spend a great deal of time searching for a nail, box cutter or screwdriver? Construction and repair tools come in many shapes and sizes; don’t spend hours searching through a mass pile of tools. Take some time to organize your tools. Purchase some truck toolboxes and group your tools by order of size or purpose. Make one toolbox a common box, this box should be basic items that you use at every job. Many toolboxes come with trays that have smaller compartments for screws, nails, washers, and other small items. A well organized toolbox can save you hours of searching around for specific tools, and help you stay on task.

Organizing and cleaning your work vehicle can help your workday run smoothly. No matter what business you’re in, an organized work vehicle will always impress business associates with use of totes, truck tool boxes, and more. Follow a few of these rules and minimize the stress of searching for all that stuff.


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