Dog Car Seat Covers – Take Your Dog With You In Comfort

The following will explain the basics of dog seat covers for the car. Why they are needed and how to easily use them for both the safety of your car’s interior and the comfort and enjoyment of you and your pet. As everybody knows, the dog is man’s best friend, however sometimes man’s best friend loses control of himself and leaves man a little gift. Not a good thing when you have leather seats in your car. That is why you need to look in the different kinds of seat covers designed with dogs in mind.

The dog may be man’s best friend, however sometimes man’s best friend is not a friend to our cars expensive interiors. You also need to understand that dogs are animals, which, means covers designed for normal levels of usage might not be durable enough. That is why you need to look into the different kinds of seat covers designed with dogs in mind.

Seat covers are available in many forms, design and features. They come in a wide variety of colors; many offer extra features such as being waterproof, or being machine washable. In addition, there are covers for SUVs’ as well as bucket seats. Other options include molded form seat covers, which can easily be moved from one car to another as long as the seats are of the same type (Bucket, Bench, Etc).

One of these add-on items is called a pet barrier. After all the other reason for dog transportation products is for safety. However if you decide not to use an actual car seat then you should invest in a barrier to separate the front of the car from the rear of the vehicle.

If for example you have to slam on your brakes, you do not want your dog coming up front with you. For one reason, there is the chance that the dog could hurt himself. Second, nobody wants to hit the brakes hard and wind up with a Golden Retriever in their lap. Barriers are great for keeping the pet isolated in the cargo bed if you have guests in the car that might not be comfortable around animals. Many Municipalities are now requires the use of seat attached restraints or barriers when having a pet in the vehicle.

Once you have the cover in place fasten it down and you’re ready to go. If you get lost along the way simply check out the diagram instruction given with most styles. If you have any questions or concerns revisit the store where you purchased the cover. Most times the staff has been trained to assist customers with proper installation. If you bought your cover online call the website producer or the manufacturer with any issues, they will usually be glad to help.

Most dog car seat covers sell for around $50 to $100 depending on the brand and the type of application you are installing. Another factor on price is the vehicle in question. A compact will cost less than say an SUV with minivans and pickups falling between. Have fun taking your pet with you and be safe!


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