Car Bras for Your Car

Every road in the world has hazards that are a potential threat to your car, especially to the exterior paint finish. The amount of damage that the gravel, rocks, and other debris, which get kicked up by the car in front of you, often gets neglected until its too late.

Protecting a car from damage while it is still in good excellent condition will help maintain a good resale value. It is the front end of a car that takes the most battering. One of the most effective ways of protecting your car from such abuse is by installing car bras. Many feel that a car bra spoils the overall look of a car, while some feel it gives it a much sporty and trendy look. Either way, there aren’t many options to protect the front side of your car from the gravel or rocks off the road.

A car bra is made up of black vinyl which has a leathery feel and that stretches across the front end of the car. It helps to protect the bumper, hood and the side fenders. The car bra helps minimize the expensive and damaging paint chips, which can lead to more serious damage like rust, if neglected.

Some car bras like the ones for a BMW consist of two pieces that cover the fenders and hood separately. Such types of car bras allow you to easily open the hood in case of emergency, while keeping the car bra on. Some car bras also have the right opening for the fog lamps, blinkers, headlamp washers and license plate.

Care should be taken when you install a car bra. One thing is, you must not leave the car bra on when it is wet. It will cause condensation under the bra that can seriously damage the paint. Always remove the car bra whenever it gets wet. Surely you do not wish to install a car bra to hide the damage it is supposed to prevent.

Another important point to remember is to keep the car bra clean. The dirt that gets trapped between the car bra and the paint results in scratches on the paint. Hence it is advisable not to purchase a used car bra as it can be dirty and could cause damage than offer protection.

Car bras offer great protection to your car. Please visit our website for some great car bras and other car accessories that may interest you.