Tips On Selecting Your Custom Car Cover

If you take extended trips away from home, one of your concerns is the care and protection of your car while away. Unless it is garaged, it is subject to damaging rays from the sun, bug splatter, bird droppings, falling branches, nicks, scrapes, and more. Upon returning from your trip the damage is evident and not easily reversed. You can prevent problems in the first place by installing a custom fit car cover to protect your investment. Not all car covers are created equal, so here are some things you should consider before making your purchase.

Car covers are basically all the same, right? Absolutely not! There are car covers which are anything from what is essentially a loose fitting tarp to those like the BMW car cover which are custom designed for the particular make and model of the car. A loose fitting car cover can actually cause more problems than it can help as unwelcome moisture, debris, and harmful UV rays will still be able to get in.

When shopping for a car cover consider what it does other than cover your car. Questions to ask include:

– Does it protect from harmful UV rays? If you live in an intense sun area, such as Florida, you need a car cover offering the maximum protection from the sun.

– How durable is the material? Will it rip if exposed to ice and snow?

– Will it resist or completely repel rain?

– Can it withstand intense heat or intense cold?

– Will the product resist dust? Some car covers prevent even the finest dust from accumulating.

– Does the car cover have extra layers to protect from dings? This is important to have if you leave your car in a public lot!

– In addition, you will want to know if there is a lengthy warranty included, what colors are available, and what are the return policies, if any.

Yes, you can even remove and clean some car covers yourself. Those made of super weave material can actually be placed in a washing machine and cleaned using cold to warm water, regular laundry detergent — without bleach, and dried on your dryer’s permanent press cycle. In all cases make sure you strictly follow manufacturer specifications for the proper care of the car cover you purchase.

So, whether it is a Ford car cover you are buying or one for a Kia, Lexus, or Range Rover you can protect your car’s exterior and interior by selecting a custom car cover that is right for your vehicle.


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