Being an owner of a Mazda RX-8 brings great pride and joy. The car is more than just a sports car. At the highest revs, I could still have a smooth drive brought about by the renowned Renesis engine. As far as passengers are concerned, this car has no problems. Despite being a sports car, it can still fit 4 people with the help of its freestyle door system. Yes, it is a dream come true. Yes, I’m a lucky man.

I wanted to upgrade the interior of my car without having to spend too much in buying branded auto parts. I wanted to change the seat covers to something more masculine and powerful – something that would depict my personality. I wanted to put a little of “me” in my car and making people see a glimpse of who the owner is. I want to be able to share who I am with the people who’ll be in it to give them a whole new experience. I also wanted to get some guard covers and fender covers to protect my car from greases and stains. It’s hard having a powerful car that’s not easy on the budget so I go out of my way to buy accessories just to keep it as good as new. However, I’m still also on the lookout for great deals that brings big, big savings. I mean who wouldn’t want that right?

For now, car seat covers are my priority and the rest will have to follow. But what store can I get great quality and my money’s worth as well? Does anyone out there know?


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