You can get a car cover to be used indoors whether it is in a storage facility or a garage. To decide what type of cover would be best you have to consider how often you will be using it and where the car is going to be parked. If you are going to keep your car in a garage and will be using it often you should consider a lightweight indoor car cover.

A lightweight cover is easy to put on, remove and fold and store, which makes it perfect for daily use. If you want to put your vehicle in a garage that gets lots of thru traffic including kids and pets you should choose a thicker heavy indoor car cover. A thicker cover will prevent your vehicle from bumps and mishaps. A thicker indoor cover is also a good idea if you are covering a vehicle for an extended period of time.

An indoor car cover performs a lot of duties besides just keeping your car covered. Indoor covers that are breathable will protect your car from condensation and heat which can get trapped in between the vehicle and the cover. Over time condensation and heat can damage the finish of your car.

Dust is the number one enemy of a car’s paint finish. It can act like an abrasive and scratch the surface of your car. A quality made indoor car cover is designed to keep dust away from the vehicle. Indoor car covers are treated to minimize mildew and rot. The inside of a custom fit indoor car cover will pamper your car’s finish and is made of non abrasive materials.

Indoor covers that are made of high quality materials will protect your car and will help to keep abrasive dust away. Some are made specifically to provide a high degree of dust protection. Some of these covers are made with many layers of non woven composite which is then laminated to keep dust out. This material keeps dust away but is also breathable and soft against the vehicle’s surface.

Your car is your pride and joy and is also a major investment. Even if you park it in a garage everyday it is still a wise move to use an indoor custom made car cover. A garage will protect your car from rain and snow. However, every time your garage door is open it lets in dust and debris that can harm your car. Your car is also in danger of bumps and dents from people coming and through your garage. This is especially true if you have kids and animals.

By using an indoor cover inside your garage you can doubly protect your precious vehicle. It will be protected on the outside by the cover and on the inside by the soft interior. There are many styles and sizes to choose from and you can get one that is custom made for your year and make of car. It is a wise investment to keep your valuable vehicle protected.


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