Picture this:
You have been waiting a long time for this day. You have saved enough money to finally buy the wheels of your dream! You want to give your wife a surprise, so you leave the home early. You walk into the showroom where your brand new HONDA Civic is waiting for you.

You talk to the dealer and get the best bargain with all the cool accessories. You get all the paper work done and make the payment. It’s time to take the baby home!! You just can’t wait to get your hands on the steering wheel and floor the accelerator pedal. But you treat it gently; it’s your first car. You don’t want to burden the car engine from day one.

You cruise through the city, being extra cautious whenever another car comes close. Of all the days, you find that today every car wants to bump into your new possession. So you drive in the slowest, 40 mph speed lane and avoid the freeway. You find people looking at you in a strange way, wondering what a fast car like that is doing in a slow lane. But you are enjoying every moment of the ride. 

You arrive home and slowly bring your new car into the drive way, you only wish that the door was wide enough for you to drive it up all the way into your hall. But then that’s okay, when you own a car like that, you can get funny ideas.

You go into your house and tell your wife that, there’s someone in the driveway waiting for her. Anxious to find out who it may be, she rushes outside and you quickly follow her, and Voila! She is thrilled to see your new possession and that you agreed upon the color of her choice, Cherry Red, though you wanted a Black. In the excitement, she almost forgets about the dinner in the oven.

You ask her to get dressed that you may take her for a drive. But she insists on having the dinner first. So while your wife is fixing the dinner, you pull out the car cover, for which you paid extra $100, from the trunk and cover the car; knowing that you’d be uncovering it in about 20 minutes before you take your wife for a drive. A smart move.

While you are enjoying you dinner and talking about the new car, the weather changes its mood and strong winds begin to blow. Suddenly you are stunned to hear a ‘thug’ sound and you know exactly what it is. You rush outside towards your new car. You find a thick branch of a tree on the car bonnet, narrowly missed the windscreen. But you fear the worst, a dent, a deep scratch, a chipped paint…

You move closer and slowly remove the cover, fearing the worst. Surprisingly, your dream car is safe. No dent, no scratch and the paint is just as new. Thanks to the thick car cover, your car is unharmed.

Now coming back to the question we started with, why you need a car cover? Well, we know the answer now.


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