Car covers protect your car in more ways than you might think. The obvious way is by protecting your cars paint job from dust and the elements. A car cover can also protect your car from being stolen. Even though a car cover is a thin piece of fabric it can provide powerful protection for your car or the contents in your car being stolen.

A person stealing a car wants to quietly and quickly enter a car, start it and get on the road. They have to do this in a matter of seconds in order to escape discovery. A car with a cover will take more time to break into, and it will be more noticeable when someone tries to break in. For instance a thief can’t just pull off a cover and throw it on the ground that would look suspicious. A cover takes a few minutes to take off of a car and that one reason why a car cover is a good theft deterrent.

Not only does a custom car cover protect the exterior of your car it also protects the interior and its contents as well. If you have a cover on your car, a thief will not be able to see what type of stereo equipment or anything else that is valuable inside your car. This keeps a thief from seeing something tempting to steal in your car.

The car cover is a good deterrent for a thief and you can be make it even harder for someone to steal your car by adding a car cover lock and cable accessory to your car cover. This will secure your car cover to your vehicle. Instructions are usually included to give you details about the proper way to label your car cover.

Getting a car cover lock and cable along with your custom fitted car cover will give you more protection to deter a car thief. The cable is vinyl covered and is designed so it will not harm your paint or any other part of your car. The car cover comes with heavily reinforced grommets and tie down loops. The grommets are located about two inches from the bottom of the car cover and are located about midway lengthwise on the cover. To install the lock and cable you run the cable through one of the grommets and under your car and then through the other grommet. You then close the lock and your car cover is secure.

Your car is a major investment and by using an outdoor car cover you can protect your car from dirt, rain, birds and thieves. Your car will be protected no matter whether you park in a busy parking lot or on a quiet street. You get double protection if you use a cable and lock system with your cover. With a lock and cable in place your car is protected from high winds and also from theft. It is a perfect way to keep your car, truck, or other vehicle looking new and to keep prying eyes away from the inside of your vehicle.


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