When a car leaves the factory, its interior looks exactly like every other example out there. For those who want to set their car’s interior apart, customizing an interior it is a satisfying and relatively easy process that can make your car a far more habitable place during the daily commute.

  1. Carpet and Headliner: One of the easiest upgrades is installing a set of custom floor mats. Most cars come with cheap floor mats, so installing a set of plush mats that have been embossed with the manufacturer’s logo is a great upgrade. Beyond that, install a custom carpet kit or have one made by an interior shop using the existing carpeting as a template. On the more expensive end is a custom headliner. There are some beautiful Alcantara (faux suede) headliners available for many makes. A professional shop must install it and may require the removal of the windows and interior trim.
  2. Steering Wheel and Controls: Another popular upgrade is installing an aftermarket steering wheel. Installation kits are available for most cars that allow the wheel to be easily bolted on. Keep in mind that if you have an airbag-equipped car, an aftermarket wheel will eliminate this safety feature. After that, replace the stock shift knob and pedals for an alloy shift knob and drilled alloy pedals.
  3. Aftermarket Seats: Most stock seats look pretty unremarkable, not to mention the fact that they often lack adequate bolstering for aggressive cornering and may not be that comfortable. Several companies make a very nice range of cloth or leather aftermarket bucket seats that will transform even the dullest interior. Adapters are available for most makes and the seats are relatively easy to install.
  4. Custom Gauges: If you are building a custom car, another addition that will help it stand out from the crowd is a set of aftermarket gauges. This is a particularly useful addition if you have modified the car’s engine and want to ensure that it stays running reliably.
  5. Custom Interior Panels and Trim Kits: Replace the stock door panels with color-keyed interior panels that complement the exterior. There are also interior trim kits for areas around the stereo, HVAC vents and instrument cluster available in a wide range of finishes, including carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel and wood to replace the factory trim.
  6. Stereo: One of the mainstays of any custom interior is the addition of a custom stereo. Start with a high-end deck and then expand on that with additional speakers and a power amp for a better sound. Have these components installed by a reputable stereo shop unless you are good at wiring and electronics.


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