Keeping your car covered can keep your cars’ paint looking new. Over time, sunlight fades car paint and gives it a dull, flat look. Extreme heat and sunlight can also damage the interior upholstery and trim. An automotive cover can be a simple and affordable solution. Here’s how to find and buy a cheap discount car cover.

  • Measure the dimensions of your car. Normally you can find custom car covers for your exact make and model, but some auto covers are made to fit a variety of different cars. Use a tape measure to record the height and width of you car.
  • Contact the dealership where you purchased your car. Most dealerships carry a few different types of car covers for ever car model they sell. Specialty covers can also sometimes be ordered at a discount price through the company.
  • Browse the internet for a discount car cover. There are a number of sites with competitive prices and free shipping. Make sure to compare as many car cover prices as possible from different sites to get the best deal. Never by the first car cover you come across. Odd’s are someone else has it for sale for less.


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