With the advancements in the field of science and technology, one has greatly witnessed instrumental changes in the automobile sector. The advancements have prompted people to use modern ways of customizing their cars of older models to be renewed with some auto accessories. These accessories can be of any of form and the price range varies accordingly. External auto accessories include brake rotors, body kits and dash kits. Body kits play a major role in presenting the car as majestic one with increased body cover. The metallic portion of the car would gain in weight while body kits are installed. There are also many specific models that are coming for each and every car brands. Some of the leading auto accessories models for the VW brand come for the VW golf, VW toureg facia, and VW transporter plates. All this external accessories comes at a very attractive price range. Also for certain brands of Toyota, auto accessories tend to have modular design quite different with that of VW cars.

Types of external accessories

There are several external auto accessories that are of great importance to the car owners. Depending upon the manufacturer, the price or design could vary but purpose remains common in all the products.

  • Brake rotors:
    Brake rotors are essential parts of the brake assembly in car. Starting from stock car to SUV all cars require brake rotors. These brake rotors form the essential part of the car brakes involving the disc brakes to function at proper time. Brake rotors are of varied design with some brake rotors have slotted design. Also based on car for which the rotor is manufactured, the price tends to differ. For example Toyota four runner front slotted brake rotor comes in price of about $300 USD. Also for Mercedes- Benz 98-02, it comes up to $310 USD.
  • Dash kits:
    Dash kits are other major auto accessories that have gained substantial popularity all over the world. Also the dash kit varies depending upon range of car for which it is prepared. Since these cars are of modular designs, based on the template dash kits are prepared. Also certain dash kit manufacturers do manufacture dash kits and dash trims based on the requirement furnished by the customer. Generally aluminum dash kits, wooden dash kits and fiber dash kits are available commercially.
  • Spoilers:
    Spoilers are available at different design and range. The spoilers are of two types front spoilers and rear spoilers. The main aim of the car spoilers
    is that to have dynamic balance during the travel in car. Also it adds to the beauty aspect of the car. Several SUV are installed with car spoilers, this is to achieve better dynamic efficiency during the travel. Also the SUV looks are amplified with spoilers of carbon fibers.
  • Lighting accessories:
    Lighting accessories are essential for having better finish to the cars. Headlights and tail lamps can be customized based on the requirement of the car owners. Certain features when installed in car tend to increase the value of car during its resale.


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