While it might not seem like it, there is a correct way to secure car seat covers. By knowing how to put on car seat covers in your car or on your baby carrier, you can be sure the seat is not only clean, but also comfortable and safe.

Measure the Seat: You cannot put a car seat cover on correctly if you don’t have the proper size. Take measurements of the car seat to find out what car seat cover you need to buy. Ideally, you should choose car seat covers that have elastic around the edges for the best possible fit. If you can find seat covers with ties, this is often going to give you a better fit and more flexibility if your seats do not match the standard available seat cover sizes.

Line Up the Corners: After removing the car seat cover from the package, begin by aligning one of the corners and pull the fabric over this corner. Move to the next edge and do the same thing. Move around to all four corners until the fabric edges are secure in place and none of the fabric is too loose or too tight on the sides. If things are too loose, it can be a sign that you need to change the position of the car seat cover.

Rearrange the Fabric: Once you are sure the car seat cover is in place, make sure to pull down the remaining fabric to ensure the fabric is smooth and tight to the surface. Pull from the sides of the car seat and then from the top and bottom pieces to secure the cover under the seat as well. If you haven’t bought a car seat cover that was specifically designed for your car, you may find you need to rearrange the fabric several times a week as the elastic or ties begin to loosen.


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