Accessories have been an integral part of an automobile. Whether you own a bike, car, SUV, or a truck, you are sure to find accessories that will enhance the look, add to the safety feature or improve performance of your vehicle.

Automobile accessories have come a long way and today is a million dollar business. You will find accessories for every make of car, truck and bike on the road. The popularity of accessories has been so overwhelming that almost anyone who buys a new vehicle makes the first stop at the auto accessory store. It make be for installing a brand new hi-fi music system with loud speakers, or installing fog lamps and other electrical accessories or for a modest additions such as the car seat covers. Speaking of which, the car seat covers are the most popular accessory that a car owner buys.

There is a wide variety of seat covers available in the market today and depending on the budget one might opt for readymade or custom made seat covers. If cost is not an issue but looks are, they you might want to try the seat covers made of luxurious, antimicrobial and stain-resistant fabric to give your car a classy look. Car seat covers are easy to install with the help of the hidden fasteners and help to keep the interior upholstery neat and clean for a long time. Some seat covers are made of exclusive fabric having many closed-spaced holes knit into the weave. This type of material offers a cool and dry comfort to the passenger.

Other types of covers are made of Tweed fabric that can be easily washed even at home in the washing machine. The Poly-Cotton seat covers are not water-proof or dust-proof, but they are easy to install and clean when required. The Ballistic covers on the other hand are damage resistant since they are the toughest material. Although not very comfortable, these types of seat covers are water resistant and cannot be easily damaged by pets and children.

Every car owner wants his/her car to look the best, and perform best. Accessories are a way of achieving it.